Granisun Series

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The Granisun, this machine boasts a stylish compact design along with its industry high output and fast freezing power. The asymmetric patented bowl, which consists of two volume differenced areas makes for better product mixing, which avoids the accumulation of product and ice blocks on the machine, which generally causes malfunctioning problems on inferior machines. The enhanced refrigeration system cuts down on product preparation times considerably, making this the ideal model for premises with a fast sales turnover (slush, smoothies, frozen cocktails, milkshake and other frozen drinks) requiring the performance of a quick and efficient machine. The new bowl assembly system and exclusive patented Granisun tap makes the cleaning process simple and fast.

The Granisun is only available with 2 bowls. The machine is equipped with an innovative electronic thermostat with a digital display, that indicates the temperature of the beverages. The solution is in compliance with the new european regulations for cold drinks conservation.

Main Features

High production capacity each bowl (12 lt.)
Enhanced refrigeration system fast freezing time
Lighted cover with lock safety system
Blue plastic panels
Drip tray with "tray full" device
Bowl and tap easily removable without the aid of any tool for quick cleaning and total hygiene

Supplied in the U.K. with a Twelve Months Parts & Labour Warranty

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3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty on all new soft serve machines


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