Many of our customers choose to purchase their frozen treat equipment on finance and over the years we have developed a number of finance packages, leasing is by far the most popular as there are numerous advantages such as:

Allows you to install new equipment for a low initial outlay

Helps maintain a balanced cash-flow

Releases capital for other uses within the business

Can be very tax efficient as rentals can be offset against taxable profits

Subject to acceptance by our finance company we can provide leasing over One to Five years, below are examples of Three and Five year lease agreements.


Scott-Drummond Ltd are Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. (FCA Reg no. 681814)

A Leasing Example*

Machine Capital Cost £6,000.00 + VAT

Three Year Lease

Thirty six monthly payments of
£216.00 + VAT

Equates to a daily cost of just
£7.12 + VAT

Five Year Lease

Sixty monthly payments of
£138.00 + VAT

Equates to a daily cost of just
£4.55 + VAT

* Leasing rates are subject to acceptance and are for illustration purposes only

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3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty on all new soft serve machines


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