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Electro Freeze commercial slush machines, also known as a slushie or slush puppy machine, are the market leaders due to their robustness, ease of use and their exceptional performance. Our Fast Freeze process produces a smooth frozen taste tingling slushie drink in the flavours of your choice.

The rewards from selling slush are much greater when you purchase your own slushie machine compared to when you have a machine provided ‘free on loan’ from a product supplier. When your business is free to choose whose slush mix is used you can expect to pay around 60-75% less than the ‘free on loan’ companies charge for their product.

With three different model ranges to choose from you can be sure we have a slush machine suitable for your needs, our machines are available in 5, 10 and 12 litre bowl capacities and you can choose from single, double and triple bowl versions. All models are air cooled, require no plumbing - just a standard 13amp socket.

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G5 Series

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GB Series

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Granisun Series

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3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty on all new soft serve machines


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