Soft Ice Cream Machines

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Electro Freeze commercial soft ice cream machines dispense delicious cones for kiosks, ice cream parlours and convenience stores. They also produce tempting ice cream desserts and sundaes for restaurants and takeaways. The rewards from selling soft ice cream are great as it has one of the highest profit margins in the food service industry.

Our machines are being used by more and more people to produce the soft ice cream for blending into high quality milkshakes. The soft serve ice cream from our machines is ideal for this as it can be dispensed quickly into a blending jug, has a light creamy texture and is easier to blend than a standard scooped hard ice cream.

Electro Freeze ice cream machines consistently produce the highest quality frozen products available, our patented beater blends the ice cream gently, reducing the agitation and maintaining ice cream quality and a soft consistency. Our latest electronic consistency controls are designed to maintain and dispense the finest frozen product available.

Whatever your business we have the perfect machine for you, single flavour, twin flavour, countertop or floor standing, for operator or self-service use – we have everything covered. Electro Freeze commercial soft ice cream machines are delivered, installed and full staff training provided by our own company employed engineers, when needed after sales service support is provided throughout the United Kingdom. 

All New Electro Freeze Soft Ice Cream Machines are supplied in the U.K. with a Three Year Parts & Labour Warranty

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Profit Story

CS4 commercial ice cream machine


Our most popular model due to its compact dimensions, ease of operation and a class leading production capacity for a countertop machine that only requires a standard 13amp power supply.

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CS8 Commercial Ice Cream Machine


This higher volume, compact counter model soft serve freezer serves two flavours of yoghurt, or ice cream with a twist.

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FM8 Commercial Ice Cream Machine


This floor model soft serve freezer serves two flavours of soft ice cream or frozen yogurt, with a twist.

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CS600 Commercial Ice Cream Machine


Our high volume, single-flavor, countertop soft ice cream machine,  it’s easy to operate and simple to clean.  The CS600 is ideal for ice cream kiosks, busy restaurants and for high quality milkshake production.

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44RMT Commercial Ice Cream Machine


Our top of the range, high volume, single flavour, pressurised (pump fed) machine. The ideal machine for seasonal kiosks, ice cream parlours and busy restaurants.

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99T-RMT Commercial Ice Cream Machine


This is our top of the range, twin flavour plus twist, pressurised (pump fed) soft serve machine. Whether it is for soft ice cream or frozen yogurt it produces the highest quality, most consistent and profitable product you can serve.

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3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty on all new soft serve machines


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